Pickolo and PetriPlater

Synthetic Biology

Learn how the field of synthetic biology benefits from the automation of colony picking, spiral plating and microbiology workflows.

Buffy coat extraction


Learn how Biobanks automates their sample collection including plasma and serum aliquots an Buffy-Coat or PBMC extraction using the TubeEye.

Mammalian Clone Screening

Learn how Stem Cell and Hybridoma clones can be automatically picked using Pickolo and GFPickolo.

Influenza Surveillance

Learn how the FluHema is used to detect new influenza variants by hemagglutination analysis.

Spiral plating PetriPlater

Automated Petri Dish Processing

Learn how to automate your Petri dish Microbiology workflow.

PickoloMI MALDI-TOF sample preparation for microbial identification

Antibiotic Resistance

Learn how microbiology labs using automation to address the growing problem of antibiotic resistance

Liquid Extraction

Learn how to automate your liquid-liquid extraction by automatic detection of liquid fractions using the TubeEye

Colony counter

Colony Counting

Learn how high-throughput colony counting can be automated using AutoCount with a Precise Automation robotic arm