Automated Petri dish storage for liquid handlers

PetriSel is a Petri dish storage module

Increase the capacity to hold Petri dish in your system, PetriSel can hold up to 200 Petri dish depending on the height of the dish

PetriSel is a carousel with 12 columns, each holding a stack of Petri dish

Smart storage

PetriSel is equipped with a smart sensor that detects the number of plates in each stack.

Fill your plates in the carousel and start your script. No need to tell the script how many plates to process.

Flexibility without user input.

Combine with Pickolo and PetriPlater

Create a high throughput microbiology processing station that can process Petri dish for hours, uninterrupted.

Colony picker and Spiral plater and petrisel on fluent

PetriSelMX combines Petri dish with SBS storage

6 columns to store Petri dish

6 columns to store SBS plates

1 Easy to use storage solution

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