Spiral Plater on a Liquid Handler

PetriPlater is a Petri
dish spiral plater

Enabling fully automated Petri dish spiral plating from any liquid sample on your liquid handler

PetriPlater spiral plater with robot arm holding the lid

Samples are directly spread on the Petri dish using
the robot tips

PetriPlater generates an accurate and repeatable plating pattern everytime while also providing flexible control over volume and spiral density.

Different plating modes for different application

Normal spiral plating with constant concentration results in the most colonies available for picking. Useful when the concentration of the sample is known.

Spiral plating PetriPlater

Multi Segment Plating for plating multiple dilutions
on a single dish

This enables faster plating while saving costs of Petri dish consumption.

Multi Segment Plating results in different concentrations in different segments

Ensuring enough colonies for counting and isolated colonies for picking and isolation

multi segment plating result plate

PetriPlater is used in microbiology labs around the world

Automate your entire microbiology workflow on a single  powerful and flexible microbiology workstation. Enable integration with upstream and downstream liquid handling.

Learn more

Pickolo and PetriPlater
Colony picker

Combine with AutoCount colony counter

Enable full automation of serial dilutions, spiral plating and colony counting on a single workstation.

This workflow is commonly performed for QC in food, cosmetics and pharma microbiology labs.

Learn how industry labs are using the PetriPlater spiral plater for variouse microbiology workflow

PetriPlater can reduce labor and human errors and dramatically improve lab efficiency

Spiral plating PetriPlater

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