Blood Fractionation on any liquid handler

TubeEyeX enables fraction analysis on any liquid handler

TubeEyeX is compatible with Tecan Fluent and any liquid handler that can manipulate tubes.

TubeEyeX and TubeEye software enable fraction analysis such as blood fractionation and buffy coat / PBMC extraction as well as 1D/2D barcode reading.

Rotate the tube inside TubeEyeX to scan it

TubeEyeX will automatically find the best view of the sample and decode the barcode at the same time

No more manual alignment of the tube prior to running

Find the best view

The barcode label is automatically found and separated to find the best view of the sample for analysis

Leading Biobanks, hospitals and clinical trial labs employ TubeEyeX for blood fractionation

Buffy coat extraction

Aliquoting of plasma and serum

Automated and smart aliquoting of plasma and serum. 

Fully flexible scripting of aliquoting based on available volumes in blood tubes and destination plates.

Efficient and precise Buffy Coat extraction

Using the unique spiral aspiration method allows TubeEye to extract Buffy Coat with high yield and purity.

This can also be employed in PBMC extractions.

Detect and classify blood hemolysis levels

TubeEye on PosID integrates seamlessly with your Tecan EVO

TubeEye on PosID attaches to the PosID – the robotic Tecan EVO barcode scanner – and integrates seamlessly with the Tecan Evo and scripting language.

Read 1D barcode, image and analyze a blood sample in 2 seconds.

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tubeeye on posid on tecan evo

TubeEye is being successfully used by Biobanks and Hospitals labs worldwide

Interactive mode allows the user to review and change the analysis

Solve issues in imaging, analysis of barcode reading by filling in missing information by hand.

Avoid the need to restart a run and gives the chance to review the results before committing.

Comprehensive documentation

All of the information can be integrated with LIS including images of tubes.

Parallel processing by TubeEyeX on Tecan Fluent

Enable very high throughput on Tecan Fluent with TubeEyeX by doing imaging and liquoting in parallel.

Enable very long unattended run times.

Smart analysis enables fraction detection and handling for various liquid types.

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