Automated Petri dish Processing

powerful processing of Petri dish on liquid handler

Combine PetriPlater spiral plater and Pickolo colony picker on a single Tecan liquid handler to enable Liquid-to-Petri and Petri-to-Liquid functionality

Pickolo and PetriPlater

See how Pickolo, PetriPlater and Petrisel are integrated on a Tecan Fluent liquid handler to provide a powerful and flexible automated microbiology automation system.

Liquid samples are transferred to Petri dish by spiral plating with PetriPlater

Spiral plating PetriPlater

Colonies on agar are transfred from Petridish to liquid using Pickolo colony picker

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Add PetriSel for a high capacity Petri dish storage

Increase the capacity of your system up to 200 Petri dish

PetriSel is a carousel with 12 columns, each holding a stack of Petri dish

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