A colony picker add-on for Tecan liquid handlers

Pickolo is a colony picker add on for Tecan liquid handlers

Compatible with Fluent and Evo series

Pickolo Colony picker for Tecan robots

Fully automated microbial colony picking

Advanced colony picking, fully integrated with upstream and downstream workflows.

Diverse selection criteria

Many options to find, filter and sort colonies:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Isolation distance
  • Circularity
Colony picker Pickolo

Multiple plate types

Pickolo works with agar plates of various types and layouts:

  • Petri dish
  • SBS format
  • multi well plates
  • 6 well
  • 24 well
  • omnitray

Flexible picking technique

Pickolo has several picking modes such as:

  • Scooping
  • Scratching
  • Multi hit

Pick with or without agar height detection or create your own custom picking mode
Pickolo and PetriPlater

Pickolo is used successfully by hundreds of labs around the world

Pickolo is used in labs in various fields such as:

  • Biotech
  • Pharma
  • Food
  • Agriculture
  • Health care
  • Synthetic biology

Pickolo is used in microbiology labs around the world.

Detailed Documentation

Keep detailed images of source plates with picked colonies marked. Each mark specified the destination well for the colony.

Handle mammalian colonies

Being integrated with a liquid handler allows Pickolo the unique advantage of being able to aspirate colonies.

Handle mammalian cell clones, stemcell colonies and hybridoma clones grown in semi solid agar.

Extend Pickolo image analysis with plugins

Pickolo image analysis can be extended with plugins to performs sophisticated tasks.

Various plugins are available and custom ones can be added. You can even write your own.

For example halo detection plugin –  measure size of halos around colonies and pick based on halo size

Advanced image analysis capability enable colony picking even from difficult media types such as blood / chocolate agar.

Pickolo is Fast

Pick up to a 1000 colonies/hour

Learn how Pickolo is being used in synthetic biology labs.

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