Automatic colony counting

AutoCount is a colony counting module

It enables imaging, analysis and colony counting in a single easy to integrate module.

Can be integrated with liquid handlers or robotic manipulator arms

Colony counter

Powerful Software

  • Flexible image analysis
  • Diverse counting patterns and criteria
  • Automation friendly

Easily Integrate with Tecan Fluent and Evo platforms

Create a powerful and fully automated solution for serial dilution, spiral plating and colony counting

Colony picker

Integrated with Precise Automation

Create a high throughput automated counting system that counts up to 240 plates / hour

Count different patterns

Different algorithms based on the plating pattern used

  • Spiral plating
  • Multi-Segment plating
  • Streaking

Use with Multi Segment plating

Plating and counting multiple dilutions on the same Petri dish will drastically reduce the use of consumables in your assay

AutoCount Standalone

Standalone version mounts the camera to an arm attached to the light table

autocount stand alone camera mounted on a camera arm

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