Load and Scan tubes with 1D/2D barcodes

Rack2D scans tube barcodes as you load them in

Save time and scan hundreds of tubes easily and reliably

Any tube rack / runner can be used with Rack2D and Rack2D is compatible with any liquid handler

Rack2D Scan as you load

Rack2D camera scans and looks for barcodes 15 times every second

Integrated software gives constant feedback via sound and on the screen

Read all major 1D/2D barcode

Read DataMatrix, QRCode, Code128, Interleaved2of5 and all other major barcode types

Tube barcodes can be filtered by barcode type, length or a regular expression

Rack2D - positional barcodes

How does it work

Any tube rack / runner can be used with Rack2D. It must provide a clear view of the tube barcode and physical space to place the special positional barcodes (PosCodes).

PosCodes are included with Rack2D and are applied to the tube rack.

Rack2D uses PosCodes to determine the position of the tube in the tube rack and assigns tube barcode to the correct tube.

Compatible with Fluent-ID runners

In addition to Rack2D customized runner labeling, it inherently compatible with Tecan’s Fluent-ID runners labeling.

Either left or right side scanning can be configured

The Rack2D device can be set to scan either left side or right side labels.

Prevent operator error

Rack2D continuously measures the distance to the loaded tube rack and will prevent scanning of tubes if tube rack is being loaded in the wrong grid

rack2d output file types

Flexible output

Rack2D supports different output types including CSV, XML and flexible text formats.

Tube barcodes can feed into sample tracking software or used by any LIS.

Learn how Rack2D works

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