Colony picking and sample preparation for MALDI-TOF identification

Automated sample preparation for MALDI-TOF microbial identification

Automate all steps of MALDI-TOF sample preparation

  • Colony detection and selection
  • Colony picking
  • Colony smearing on MALDI target
  • Matrix addition
  • Formic acid prep
  • Supports Bruker and bioMérieux MALDI targets

Smear colony and add matrix solution and formic acid as needed

PickoloMI software screenshot

Sample tracking

Identify sample by sample ID, position on MALDI target or the image of the source plate

Sample ID are directly read from source plate barcode using the integrated 2D barcode reader

Delivers consistent and repetitive smearing performance

PickoloMI MALDI-TOF sample preparation

Learn how PickoloMI is used at Treviso hospital in Italy

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